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Pictures of Cute Cats

This blog is made up entirely of cute pictures I found online. Why? Does it matter? I feel like you probably knew what this was when you clicked the title. So please, feel free to take a break from video production and marketing to enjoy this post, Pictures of Cute Cats. Because in the end, isn't that the real reason we have the internet? 

These two are going to be friends for life!

Everyone knows cats go in boxes. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to get there.

This is an outright CUTE OVERLOAD. Which, by the way, is a website I highly recommend.

I know what you're asking. How is this relevant to our mission of high quality video production services? Well, here you go. This cat has a camera... although we may have to have a talk about appropriate ways to handle company equipment.

These don't look like cats to me, but they came up on my image search. So I guess we'll stick with it.

Continuing on making this relevant, here's the view I have when I'm editing from home. Monster claws. Sometimes when I'm writing notes, she'll reach out and just steal pens from me.


Luckily she makes up for being a monster who lives behind my monitor by doubling as a great technical assistant.

I hope you enjoyed this well thought out, well researched blog post. While you're here, feel free to look at the rest of the site. I'm sure there's something good there, too.